Richard has over 27 years experience practicing law.  He is well known for his commitment to pleasing his clients with favorable outcomes in their cases.

          If a person is charged with a crime, they need an attorney that is quick to discover and capitalize on legal issues to use in their favor that may not be discovered by less experienced attorneys.  Being known as a great trial attorney enhances Richard's ability to negotiate cases that might not merit a trial but is essential in achieving a best possible outcome for his clients.  

          To date, Richard has tried eighteen  Murder or Capital Murder cases to a jury and hundreds of other types of cases.  This amount of experience is of great benefit to his clients.  Just as a person needing surgery wouldn't want a surgeon that has only performed a handful of surgeries, a person needing legal guidance shouldn't look to an inexperienced attorney.  It's evident that using an experienced Criminal Defense attorney is essential if the need arises.  

          One of the most important aspects of trying a case to a jury is ensuring only admissible evidence is allowed and inadmissible evidence is kept out.  Knowing when, how and what to object to can mean the difference between a win or a loss.  Additionally, preserving court error is essential in the event an appeal is necessary.  Richard is very experienced in these areas which has allowed him to gain better outcomes for his clients.  

          Richard has an excellent reputation among Judges and fellow lawyers and is highly regarded as a successful trial lawyer and negotiator that is committed to his clients.  When his clients' freedoms and liberties are at stake, Richard will fight for them.

         If you are in trouble and need an attorney, do yourself a favor and call Richard.